American University serves as an interesting case study of gay culture, as well as how gay culture fits into society overall. Openly gay individuals on campus are from different ethnic and geographic backgrounds, major in varying programs, participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, and hold diverse positions on campus. In America as a whole, this pattern remains true. Homosexuals are diverse in who they are and what they do. There is not an average “homosexual” or criteria for what makes a person “gay”. The sexuality of an individual is not an identifying factor, and does not have an affect on the content of their character. Hopefully with this recognition, the idea of “us” vs “them” can be further blurred as we recognize fellow citizens as fellow human beings.

An individual’s sexuality is not chosen, it is an ever existing piece of their overall identity. However, this common trait of sexuality does not mean that all homosexuals are the same. In fact, each gay individual is greatly diverse from their peers, and it is a disservice to America’s social values of equality and respect to make such a generalization. American University recognizes this diversity in all on campus communities and promotes such diversity. This benevolent social practice fosters a more positive community, which aims to eliminate the “us” vs “them” associations. This is something the wrest of the country, and the world, could emulate.